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Creating a sustainable materials economy through valorisation of societal waste and design of circular polymeric materials is one of humanity’s most significant challenges in the 21st century. A fundamental rethink of society’s material supply chains, design and production is necessary to reduce the overall carbon footprint of polymeric materials production. To work towards these ambitious goals, our group is broadly interested in developing newer and more sustainable routes to produce functional materials and societally-relevant chemicals, such as from societal waste. To better optimize material performance and reduce unnecessary wastage of material, we also strive towards understanding how their components interact with each other non-covalently on a molecular scale.


Publication Alert!

Incineration is one of the major methods of modern waste disposal, yet is the ash produced necessarily worthless? Our collaborative work with Dr Ye Enyi's team on the usage of incineration fly ash as a catalyst for pyrolysis of waste plastics is now published in Materials Today Chemistry! (June 2023)

Congratulations Qianyu for being awarded the 2023 SNIC- Prof Lee Soo Ying Young Chemist Award (Silver)! (June 2023)

Welcome Jaime to our group! Jaime will be working on plastics upcycling (June 2023)

Welcome our summer interns Grace and Jocelyn, who will be gaining some hands-on research experience on thermogels and plastics upcycling respectively (May 2023)

Group appreciation dinner! Thank you for everyone’s hard work and for the great teamwork! (Apr 2023)

News feature: Our team’s work on transforming waste PET bottles to polymer electrolytes for lithium ion batteries has been highlighted in EurekAlerts (Feb 2023)



For internship and studentship opportunities, please contact Dr Jason Lim at

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